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Welcome to beauty & the Bubz, a beauty salon with a twist! 

There’s a story behind this dream I’ve been chasing and it started the day I was blessed to become a mother. Along with the unconditional love that filled my heart came the reality of sleepless nights, frustration, exhaustion and this feeling I’m certain every mother has felt before, “mum guilt” for anything I ever thought about doing.

So there went my weekly hair dresser appointments, my fortnightly massage treatments and monthly facials. And even though they were needed now more than ever, I suddenly became last on the list and my entire universe revolved around these little people I created. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world and the once high heeled wearing, hair and make up done, dressed to impress lady that was, now is super excited to leave the house in thongs, a messy mum bun and anything that passes as acceptable clothing without being my pyjamas!

I gave beauty therapy a bit of a miss while I was off on maternity leave and when I went back into it I noticed so much that had always been there but never connected with me until now. I’m not talking about all the advances in beauty equipment and treatments, I’m talking about the mums that used to come in with their kids and I would think to myself “oh no” they are going to destroy the place, the mums that would call to cancel because they had no one to look after their kids, the mums who would try to lay down for just 15 minutes to get their brows done while their child stood on the side screaming of fear that I was hurting them. The mums that changed their fortnightly appointments to once every 6 weeks because it was simply to hard to make with the kids. This all started to make sense to me now and Instead of standing there annoyed I stood there and thought “I totally get you!” 

Where could a mum go to catch a break?

My mum friends and I have googled the lot... kid friendly cafes, kid friendly restaurants, parks with fences, fun places to take the kids?? it was all about the kids. 

So then one day it clicked... what if there were a place where mums could go to get some down time, some pampering or just a 10 minute brow wax which accommodated for her children as well? Somewhere fun for Bub and also fun for mum???

This is “Beauty & The Bubz”

This is not “just” a new business, this is my dream.

Of course it is not only limited to mums, everyone is welcome. However if you do need to bring your kids along, we will have a fully equipped, supervised kids play room.

We will be offering an endless list of beauty treatments for you to indulge in while you leave “mum guilt” at the door.

I’m so super excited to share this journey with you!

Caroline Saad

FOUNDER | Beauty and The Bubz

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