Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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One of the most effective non-invasive, energy-based aesthetic treatments. The Candela Gentlelase Laser machine produces an intensive but gentle burst of light that reduces hair growth via selective destruction of the hair follicle without harming the surrounding tissue.

How does it work?

Laser Hair Removal is a safe, effective, and commonly used treatment, providing optimal results in the removal of unwanted hair.The laser works by targeting the melanin found in the follicles of growing hair, and travelling down until it finds the bulb (root) of the hair, which it then disables. You will need multiple treatments because the hair follicle is only attached to the bulb during its growth stage, and not all hair is in the growth stage at the same time. The treatments will be spread out so that there is time for another cycle of hair to start growing. Laser hair removal is considered a reduction because it cannot remove hair that has no pigment, like individual gray or blond hairs.

Who can have Laser Hair Removal treatment?

We can treat Women and Men of all ages. Children under 18 will require a presence of a parent on the first laser consultation or a signed written consent from a parent. Beauty and the bubz Laser Therapists do sometimes refer clients to their General Medical Practitioner for assessment and when in doubt will not treat until approval from a Medical Professional is provided.

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

Permanent hair reduction is assured. Clients can achieve anywhere from 80% to 90% hair reduction. These results will vary by certain conditions such as skin, hair colour and hormones. We advise 2 to 3 Maintenance laser visits a year. As with all Laser therapy treatments, the frequency and number of treatments will depend on your skin type, the area affected and the size of that area.Individual laser treatments vary according to skin and hair colour. The lighter your skin and darker your hair, the better the results to be expected.  Remember consistency is key. 

Is Laser Hair Removal treatment safe?

Yes, laser treatments have been used for many years for a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. CANDELA GentleLase laser, the most trusted name in the industry, has pioneered the development of some of the safest and most effective technologies and products available on the market today.

effective non-invasive, energy-based aesthetic treatment

What precautions should I take before or after my treatment?

Unlike waxing, there is no need for long hair. Hair must be short for your laser treatment, about 2-3 days hair growth, 3mm max. Shave or trim the hair before your laser hair removal treatment.

Shorter hair ensures the laser treatment is more comfortable for you and allows the laser energy to travel down to the follicle faster. Avoid sun exposure or solarium on the area for 2 to 3 weeks before laser treatments, and 1 to 2 weeks after laser treatments. You can use Spray Tan 24 hours after the laser treatment never before. We recommend wearing a 30+ SPF sun screen even for casual (routine) exposure to the sun.

Should I be receiving Laser Hair Removal treatment if I am on medication?

There are certain medications that can affect the laser treatment. The most common are Roaccutane and Retin A. These medications can cause pigmentation to occur during laser treatment. We recommend not starting Laser Hair Removal treatment until at least 8 weeks after finalizing the course of your medications or has directed by your Medical Professional.

Can I laser while I’m pregnant? 

While there is no link connecting Laser Hair Removal to negative effects on pregnant, there is likewise no evidence to guarantee it is a safe treatment method during this time. This lack of information regarding the effects of Laser Hair Removal on the fetus should bring caution. Because we cannot guarantee your total safety – or that of your child – we will not perform Laser Hair Removal while you are pregnant. 



$55 | 5minutes

$100 | 10minutes

$35 | Full Face

$15 | Lip

$15 | Chin

$15 | Sides

$19 | Underarms

$59 | Half Arms

$89 | Half Legs

$129 | Full Legs

$29 | Bikini

$45 | Brazillian

$15 | Stomach Line

$29 | Full Stomach

$25 | Lower Back