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Naked Tan Two Hour Tan - fast-developing formula has a brown-yellow base that is perfect for those with naturally olive or darker complexions which provides you with the best and most natural looking tan in just 2hrs!

Pre Tan

  • Shower and exfoliate your skin 

  • Do not apply moisturiser, perfume or deodorant  

  • We advise any hair removal to be done at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure that your tan will go on evenly and not irritate your skin 

  • Remove all jewellery before your appointment

Post Tan

  • After your tan, we recommend wearing loose, dark clothing and flip flops. Ensure you are covered head to toe from water if the weather is wet

  • Your therapist will advise at what time you should wash off you tan

  • It is normal to feel a little sticky after your tan, especially if the brand has oil base ingredients to hydrate the skin

  • After your appointment, it is normal to look a lot darker. Don’t panic, this is just the bronzer in the tan so we can see where we are spraying. It will all wash off with your first shower, leaving your natural bronzed looking skin underneath.

  • If you have an 2 hour  tan, do not use any soap when you first have a shower. Rinse off the tan residue with water and softly pat your skin dry. It will look like it has all come off but don’t worry, your tan will continue to develop over the next 6-8 hours

  • If you sleep in your tan, please be aware tan residue can transfer onto your sheets and pyjamas

  • Avoid using deodorant, perfume, or moisturiser until the next day

  • Avoid excess sweating or swimming for the first 24 hours after your tan

  • If you are wearing a white outfit and are worried about tan rubbing off onto your clothing, we suggest having 2 initial showers to ensure all the tan residue has been removed

How long does a spray tan last?

Your Naked Tan spray tan will last between 7 to 10 days if maintained properly.

Why am I Patchy?

This can occur if the client hasn’t exfoliated properly prior to their tan, medications, pregnant, hormonal imbalance, pigmentation, has sweated or come into contact with liquid prior to washing off their tan, if the solution has reached its expiry date, if the technician has missed areas on the clients skin or over sprayed other areas.

Can I shave/wax my legs/body parts before or after the tan application?

Clients to shave/wax at least 12 hours prior to their spray tan.

I have sensitive skin, can I still be sprayed?

If your client has eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it’s best to patch test the skin. If the skin has no reaction within 24hrs the spray tan may go ahead.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women be sprayed?

Testing has shown that DHA does not penetrate the skin, nor enter the blood stream, therefore, it appears safe to spray pregnant women. As a precaution we suggest clients who are pregnant to get permission from their doctor. For women who are breastfeeding, inform that they should ensure their nipples are wiped over before breastfeeding.

Do I have to take all of my clothes off?

Absolutely not, a client should feel comfortable and can choose to wear their bathers, underwear, g-string or they can go naked if they prefer.

During my shower, I have noticed some colour washing away?

This is fine and completely normal. The excess colour that is washing away is just the bronzer

How often should I moisturise after being spray tanned?

The more the better! We advise moisturising once or twice a day. This will help your tan to fade evenly while keeping the skin well nourished.

After being sprayed, do I still need to wear sunscreen?

Yes! Tanning solution does not contain sunscreen.

Will tanning solution stain my clothes? What should I wear after my tanning session?

We suggest loose dark coloured cotton fabrics as the bronzer will wash out easily from cotton. We prefer females to go bra less if possible immediately after the spray tan to avoid the bra rubbing against the skin and removing the tan.

Can I wear make-up straight after my tan?

Wearing make-up is fine; however clients should not wash their face or apply makeup or moisturiser prior to washing off your tan as water stops the development process. Makeup applied before the tanning session will act as a barrier so it is likely that the tan on their face will be slightly lighter than on the rest of their body.

Can I leave my Naked Tan on longer than 2 hrs?

As Naked Tan is a TRUE 2hr tan, we recommend leaving your Naked Tan on for 2 hours (do not exceed 4 hours).
Naked Tan is a concentrated solution and may over develop on the skin if left on for too long, this will cause the tan to look more golden/orange.

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